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    Wednesday, 10 June 2015

    Batteries not included…

    How often do you go on holiday and your children (or perhaps even just your partner) and enjoy doing nothing more than sitting with them on the beach, or by the pool, whilst they are engrossed in their phone or iPad/tablet, with their earplugs in, listening to music, or worse, playing some monotonous video game, that, without sound to the outside world (which would be worse still), makes it seem as they are doing some completely random breakdancing! If your family is anything like mine this is a pretty regular occurrence!
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    Tuesday, 2 June 2015

    Anna Maria Island Rental Limefish – Chicken Soup for the Soul!

    I’ve been very fortunate to stay at a number of the Pineapplefish houses on Anna Maria Island over the last few years; and every time I stay at a different house, I come away saying, “No, now that is my new favourite!”

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