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    Tuesday, 2 June 2015

    Anna Maria Island Rental Limefish – Chicken Soup for the Soul!

    I’ve been very fortunate to stay at a number of the Pineapplefish houses on Anna Maria Island over the last few years; and every time I stay at a different house, I come away saying, “No, now that is my new favourite!”

    But up until this month, I had never stayed at Limefish. The house located directly on the beach on the Gulf side of Anna Maria is just a little way south (abut 10 minutes on a bike) from Anna Maria City where I have always normally stayed and where the other Pineapplefish rental houses are located.

    Limefish, according to Pineapplefish, is the most popular house and also the most expensive. Rates start at $4,500 per week, which is probably why I haven’t stayed there before! I’d always questioned, is it really worth that?

    But now having stayed at Limefish, I will concur that it was worth… Every. Single. Penny. Wow! Just wow!

    Pineapplefish's Limefish rental is situated right on Anna Maria Island's beach

    Amenities at Limefish

    We arrived, dumped our bags and stepped out onto the deck which looks out onto an immaculate, quiet, white sandy beach. The blue of the sea and the ocean merged, so you couldn’t see where one started and the other ended. It was truly breathtaking and the sense of relaxation and calmness that descended on me as I stood there was quite incredible.

    Anna Maria Island boasts immaculate white beaches

    The house itself is really cute. All open plan, it’s spacious, and the whole living area and kitchen look out toward the beach, so you can always see the beautiful outside, framed within huge windows along the whole length of the house. The kitchen has recently been refitted boasting beautiful granite worktops, but it’s the little details such as the lovely little starfish door handles that fit perfectly with the beachy chic theme that runs throughout the house. With its white washed walls, beautiful colourful and bright accessories as well as accents making it feel so homely.

    Anna Maria Beach

    There are lovely Adirondack chairs outside on the deck, which is where I parked my bottom quite regularly with a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc in hand! Just watching (not a lot) of the world go by: a few beach walkers, little clusters of families and friends enjoying a day on the beach, and most fantastically I actually caught glimpse of dolphins meandering past one early morning - absolutely beautiful!

    Limefish's beach facing deck is perfect for relaxing and watching Anna Maria Island's wildlife & community

    Just outside the house, was a turtle nest protected with clear markings that are put up and regularly monitored by the Island Turtle Watch.

    There is something very special about being able to walk 10 yards from the back door and take up a spot on the beach, with so few people around. Taking regular dips in the beautiful clear waters of the Gulf; then to break the day up we would head up from the beach to the deck where we would also spend time by the pool!

    Limefish is just 10 yards from Anna Maria Island's clear waters 

    Not many Anna Maria properties on the beach have pools, but Limefish has, and it is certainly without exception a great pool area!

    Firstly, it’s completely private. Whilst you can’t see the beach, it is beautifully landscaped, and you can see the tropical palm trees surrounding the villas as well as of course the beautiful blue Anna Maria sky. No one can see into this area, which is perfect when you are relaxing and enjoying time with the family. Limefish’s outside area also has a great cabana with a lovely pastel coloured Adirondack dining table and chairs that can sit up to 8 people and a BBQ to cook on. Being at the side of the house just off the kitchen, it’s perfect to eat out here every night; barbequing fresh fish, feasting on delicious salads and enjoying lashings of wine!

    Sandbar Restaurant 

    Another thing that I loved about staying here, was that on a few occasions we would take a stroll along the water and go and enjoy a drink and sometimes food at the Sandbar - the only restaurant on the Island that actually opens out onto the beach and is only a 15-minute walk away from Limefish.

    I will always treasure our 6pm stroll for a glass of wine; watching the sun glisten across the water as it started to lower in the sky, and then watch it disappear beyond the horizon from the Sandbar before heading home. It’s certainly too easy to call Limefish, home.

    For a truly relaxing, unwinding and soul nurturing experience, I really cannot recommend Limefish enough. Like I said earlier, it was worth every single penny to stay here, and it most certainly is “my new favourite one!”

    I cannot wait to come back!

    Anna Maria Island is the perfect place for a truly relaxing, unwinding and soul-nurturing experience 

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